The Children of Destiny

by Liberty's Exiles

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"The Children of Destiny" is the beginning of the story that we started with our last album, "The Price of Immortality". It is a story about how terrible the human race can be.


released September 23, 2016

All songs written and performed by Simon Talbot, and Rob Mallory.



all rights reserved


Liberty's Exiles Iowa

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Track Name: On Another Word
On another world they live and breathe
Carry out their lives in peace and prosperity
On another world they work and dream
The live their lives for what might be

But lights in the night sky grow closer
Illuminating the world in an eerie glow
Their blood red skies show a new future
Dreading a life they don't want to know

Fear and frustration
A hopeless situation
Panic and terror
Seem to fill the air
On Another world

On another world - In another space
A coming conflict from another race
On another world - In another time
A peaceful people reach the end of the line

On another world - In another day
The invaders look for a place to stay
And now they pray for a way out
And not they pray for no end

On another world
Where humans are coming
To take the world
From those succumbing
Track Name: The Children of Destiny
We saw it in the night sky like a beacon of hope
This small planet seemed too good to be true
We've left our own planet at the end of its rope
So we were sent here, the proud and the few

With all our guns blazing we came in hot
And killed everything that moved
This planet's life just an afterthought
The end of their lives pre-approved

The children of destiny have come to live
This planet has so much that it can give
The children of destiny have claimed this land
Even now these people will die by our hand

The orders we have are to send back home
All that can be used by our own people
But we really like this new world we roam
So we will stay here, away from their evil

The children of destiny are never going back
To the planet where so much we lacked
The children of destiny are here forever
And here we will stay, come whatever may

With so few among us we will live in comfort
With the red skies above and the ground below
We don't need any of their support
We will help make life on this planet grow
Track Name: The New Saviors
The ones in charge, selected by profession
From the people that sent them on this journey
Soon made ruling their new obsession
Among their people who were still learning

The chemist, with his knowledge of all building
The scholar, in his chair he would teach
The planter, to bring familiar to the surroundings
The musician, and artist, this culture would need

The new saviors of the world
Would their decisions become final?
The new saviors of the world
To these people, they'd be idols

Restoring the Citadel to it's former glory
The Chemist creates a system for weather
And as the years passed, becoming wiser
Nurtured by the love of his Soulfire

The new saviors of the world
They would rule so fair
The new saviors of the world
All of this land is theirs
Track Name: My Soul's On Fire
She is to me, every little thing
The more I see, the more I dream
Her very soul I do admire
For her, I think my soul's on fire

She makes me smile, she makes me feel new
When I see her face, I imagine her embrace
And she's the only thing that I desire
For her my soul's on fire

I can face almost anything
Knowing that she's by my side
I can face the haunted screams
I've got nothing left to hide

I could be happy all of my life
As long as I know that she's here
I will release my pain and strife
With her there's nothing I can fear

She makes my heart want to beat
The more I know, the more I believe
She's the only thing that I desire
Because for her my soul's on fire

She is to me, every little thing
The more she shows, the more I know
That she's my every loving dream
And for her I can feel my soul on fire
Track Name: The Artist
She stands upon her balcony
Gazing out at the world they stole
To her, these children of destiny
She will play her starring role

She will teach them art and keep them whole
If she is to redeem her damned soul
She will share with them her chosen gift
And they'll come to love The Artist

The look on her face may be one of love
But the darkness she hides inside
The smile that never reaches her eyes
She may carry herself with warmth and grace
But the hate deep in her heart
Is the fuel that feeds her art

The Artist appears above them all
And asks that they work, and sacrifice
She will see them rise, and make them fall
And work away their too short lives

She has no use for the music man
And the scholar is just a waste of space
The planter, at her side he'll stand
But the Chemist is her hidden ace
Track Name: All Is Said And Done
Time marches on like a soldier on parade
We all grow older with each passing day
Sorrow in our hearts for those left behind
And still we made the choice to stay

This too small planet has become our home
But there's something missing in our life
It's all we can do, to do as we're told
And we pray to the spirit in the night

Because after all is said and done
And the blood that we spilled has dried
We'll always be the chosen ones
Who set all of our fears aside

Long ago we were the Children of Destiny
But those olden days have passed us by
And though we feel so lost and alone
We have offered our souls up to the light

Because after all is said and done
And the working day rises with the sun
We'll always be the chosen ones
Who chose to fight and not to run

We may be judged for our choices
But we've made peace with our fate
And none can silence screaming voices
We live with our consuming hate
Track Name: The Light of Immortality
To live and breathe we take the chance
To die another day
To be part of some old cosmic dance
Before we pass away

But if we don't have to die
To transcend to another state of mind
We won't face utopia in the sky
Or leave the hell far behind

With the light of immortality
We could live forever
Bathed in the light of immortality
Its shine could be our savior

To pave the way for our forever
I could find the final cure
To forget the concept of never
We could live forever-more

And if we don't have to die
And see our lives fly by
Just think of all we could do
The differences we could make

With the light of immortality
We could be anything
And on this brave new world
We could live to be so free

With the light of immortality