by MistEir

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"Ragnarok" is the first full length album from MistEir. The centerpiece of the album is the epic, 48 minutes title track. The album is rounded out with a few beautifully written pieces that keep the feel of the title track, both musically and lyrically.

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released March 4, 2016

Written & Performed by Simon Talbot & Rob Mallory
(Except tracks 1-3 - Written & Performed by:
Simon Talbot, Rob Mallory, & Iris Hidding)



all rights reserved


Liberty's Exiles Iowa

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Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 1 - Signs of the End
When the red rooster warns all the giants
The Ragnarok has begun
Another consults the dead
The Gods will hear from yet another one

Heimdall blows his horn
A warning for Valhalla the war's begun
Departed vikings rise again
To lift their swords and fight against the Jotuns

It's been a long cold winter, no end in sight
Brothers killing brothers in senseless fight
The world is plunged into darkness by war
And nobody knows what the violence is for

Ending signs are written in blood
Balder and Hod will return from death
One last time the signs that
The Ragnarok has begun

Odin leads the amries of Asgard
Jotuns join with Hel to war
The ship it sails to Vigrid
The might dragon feasts upon the dead
Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 2 - Global Disaster
The walls of Asgard will be set aflame
The homes of the Aeris and the bridge of Bifrost
Set ablaze by the fire giant, Surt
As this world burns and every thing is lost

When the mountain blows its top, soon everyone will die
When the ending finally comes, and fire fills the sky
When the mountain blows its top, and there's nowhere to hide
When the ending finally comes, we are all out of time

The mighty serpent will rise from the sea
Midgard will poison all that he sees
Feared by both human and the gods
Destroying the Vigrid plains with the sea

The wolf of Fenrir will break out of his chains
Bringing with him death and destruction
The sun and the moon swallowed by the wolves
The world tree shakes with the devastation

On the plains of Vigrid the final battle
And all nine worlds will sink into the sea
The Gods can not stop the impending doom
All we can do is wait for death's release
Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 3 - Into the Sea
Torn apart by hate and anger
The gods in their vanity destroy it all
The world supports life no longer
Flames burn, and cities fall

The worlds will burn and the gods will die
Fire will rain down from the sky
Men, and women, and children will burn
Never more this race to return

Ripped apart by war and chaos
The world is thrown into total destruction
Fire burns, and all is a total loss
Feeding the fuel of death's construction

The worlds will burn and monsters will die
The birds will fall out of the sky
The animals all around will burn
Never more their race to return

Ripped apart by war and chaos
The world feels no relief as it burns
Waters shift and the world will drown
And into the sea the earth sinks down
Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 4 - The World Anew
Ripped apart by war and chaos
The world that once was is no more
But from the ashes a new world rises
From the depths of the ocean floor

Hidden away in the sacred tree
The salvation of the human race
Just two people who will be
Mankind's saving grace

When the battle is over
And the world is anew
They'll repopulate the world again
In this world anew

Where once were so many
Now so very few
But our race will surely rise again
In this world anew

In this world anew
A fresh start for the Earth
In this world anew
The rebirth of our race

In this world anew
From our death to our birth
In this world anew
We come to claim our place

In this world anew
Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 5A - Roof of Gold
Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 5B - Never Cold
Though so many gods survive
There are few still here left alive
And the gods that did not fall
All meet in the land of Idavoll

All of the legends have fortold
Of gimli with its roof of gold
With its beauty that's never been seen
In the fields of majestic green

A holy place remained untouched
From fighting that destroyed so much
A beautiful plain of green grass
Their houses will be built at last

All of the legends have fortold
Of gimli with its roof of gold
And in the mountains of Nidafjoll
A place called Okonir, never cold
Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 5C - Shore of Corpses
On the darker side of life
In a place called Hel
There is a great hall
The hall on Nastrond

A place of evil forces
Where vile beings go
a place where all hope dies
A river of venom flows

The shore of corpses
Where the great dragon comes to feed
The shore of corpses
A punishment for their greed

The shore of corpses
Where all pay for their sins
The shore of corpses
Where real suffering begins

This is an underground
Of thieves and murderers
Where justice rules
And Nidhug is free to devour

A wretched place to go
Where pain's the only god to know
Those who come here now
Will never know relief at all

The shore of corpses
Where their blood stains
The shore of corpses
As their writing in pain
Track Name: Ragnarok Pt. 6 - Begin Again
When we begin again
That's when we can truely shine
When we start over again
We can get it right this time

When we begin again
And make those same mistakes
Will it all end again
Another world's end at stake

The gods in all their anger
Destroyed the world we loved
We saw the signs of danger
And did nothing to change

The gods in all their hatred
Cast us into the darkness
And mankind kept on bringing
Our minds to eternal blackness

You've got to look to the past
To right all the wrongs you've made
You've got the right to last
Through this never ending race

The gods in all their pride
They caused this world to die
We saw the signs of the end
And all the chaos it would bring
Track Name: MistEir
Watch their souls inside
Watch you cry
Track Name: Rite of Passage
I claim my rite of passage here...
Track Name: Faceless People
Fearless people
Travel far
Explore the world